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Name: Personas



Created by: baku (@baku)

Created at: 2024-05-29T17:53:50.379Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:30.904Z

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Tags of content: character concept art, female character, fantasy character, warrior, nature magic, postapocalyptic, n/a, fantasy, magic, nature, roots, vines, mask, flowers, gun, holster, soft lighting, woman, full body, slight low angle, weapon, 1girl, holding gun, holding weapon, holding, belt, hood, standing, handgun, hood up, sketch, solo, multiple views, looking at viewer, pelvic curtain, barefoot, pouch, flower, fantasy illustration, swords, blood magic, simple background, swordsman, knight, armored, battle, action, mystical, dark fantasy, concept art, illustration, digital art, flat lighting, 1 person, front view, armor, floating, 1other, shoulder armor, gauntlets, helmet, pauldrons, 1boy, helm, impaled, male focus, full armor, bald, polearm, sword, ambiguous gender, female warrior, mace, flail, chains, spikes, crown, dark, gothic, horror, fantasy art, studio lighting, 1 woman, full shot, gloves, chain, grey background, red hair, black gloves, cape, holding sword, braid, torn clothes, puffy sleeves, boots, holding whip, short sleeves, torn cape, puffy short sleeves, long hair, corset, thigh boots, torn, none, wizard, spell, medieval, character design, sorcerer, full body shot, hat, no humans, glowing, blue headwear, wide sleeves, wizard hat, rope, scroll, glowing eyes, drawing, crown of thorns, full figure, dual wielding, closed mouth, covered eyes, waist cape, breastplate, character concept, male, white background, assassin, middle eastern, man, pants, reference inset, knife, dagger, holding dagger, midriff, navel, personification, jewelry, black pants, black hair, arabian clothes, holding knife, crop top, artist name, character art, spear, combat, pose, dynamic, painting, holding polearm, greaves, plume, armored boots, vambraces, fur trim, character sheet, world war i, apocalypse, motorcycle, soldier, military, female soldier, side view, 3/4 view, monochrome, greyscale, motor vehicle, glasses, multiple boys, jacket, coat, bicycle, person, text, clothing, middle ages, chivalry, history, design, character, front, shield, holding shield, english text, cross, rapier, female, hand on own hip, brown hair, puffy shorts, shorts, hand on hilt, long sleeves, hat feather, planted, smile, pantyhose, puffy long sleeves, white pantyhose, brown eyes, planted sword, puff and slash sleeves, red ribbon, ribbon, black footwear, shirt, neck ribbon, axe, crossbow, bow and arrow, multiple warriors, knights, 6+boys, chainmail, bow \(weapon\), sheath, surcoat, soft light, over shoulder, weapon over shoulder, faulds, video game art, rpg, concept, orange hair, short hair, plate armor, multiple girls, cloak, dirt, dirt ground, front lighting, slightly low angle, red cape, brown gloves, brown footwear, covered face, belt pouch, tabard, facing viewer, brown belt, arrow \(projectile\), plague doctor, desolate landscape, plague doctor mask, ambient light, standing pose, black cloak, costume, indoor, roman helmet, cosplay, historical, metal, artificial, eye level, realistic, upper body, winged helmet, portrait, indoors, studio, steel, strong, powerful, cinematic, 1, low angle, muscular, blurry, blurry background, hammer, cowboy shot, rusty, web address, robot, thorns, roses, rose, plant, gradient background, pink rose, pink flower, mysterious, dramatic lighting, full view, weapon on back, skull, sheathed, undead, skeleton, leaf, beard, facial hair, dark souls, video game, armored figure, brown pants, scarf, dark souls 3, 2, 2boys, bandages, back, 3/4, signature, cable, holy, crusader, templar, faith, religion, war, protection, dramatic, spotlit, straighton, black background, indoor lighting, slightly from below, from side, profile, renaissance faire, outdoor, crowded, renaissance, faire, natural light, slightly overcast, eyelevel, closeup, red flower, red rose, solo focus, sculpture, roman, bust, bronze, ancient rome, gorget, artwork, historic artifact, metalwork, museum, display, no people, traditional media, animal focus, fangs, open mouth, reenactment, sunny, tent, field, event, outdoors, bright, shadows, one, adult, star wars, mandalorian, bounty hunter, science fiction, scifi, close up, mischievous, horned, staff, scythe, tribal, holding scythe, red eyes, grey skin, bandaged arm, circle, sitting, fashion, western, gunslinger, witch, rifle, long coat, black eyes, brown headwear, blood, medium hair, dress, capelet, bullet, bayonet, colored skin, plain background, lamp seller, lantern, humanoid, horns, backpack, bag, holding lantern, brown coat, mechanical legs, holding staff, smoke, indoors studio, gas mask, prosthesis, claws, knee pads, prosthetic leg, null, muscular male, abs, topless male, necklace, scar, holding axe, pectorals, tattoo, figure, creature, temple, altar, ruins, ethereal, death, decay, necromancer, ritual, dark magic, high contrast, chiaroscuro, hooded figure, skeletal figure, robe, arm up, evil, macabre, death knight, heavy metal, skull ornament, bird, greatsword, on head, animal on head, playing cards, jester, elegant, feathered hat, card, black headwear, gem, tricorne, monster, grotesque, creature design, bloodborne, dimly lit, lantern light, brown background, lamp, house, executioner, creepy, scary, saw, demon slayer, tongue, tongue out, forest, overgrown, skulls, monster hunter, woman warrior, eldritch, soft, ambient, wings, grass, tree, family portrait, fantasy characters, fantasy clothing, intricate details, fantasy creatures, family, characters, intricate, detailed, whimsical, otherworldly, subtle shading, three people, father, daughter, child, 2girls, height difference, own hands together, 3girls, demon, ritualistic, shaman, bones, diffused, frontal, bracelet, bell, extra arms, robert pattinson, actor, the lighthouse, movie, film, black and white, mustache, sailor, uniform, cap, peaked cap, military uniform, looking ahead, collared shirt, fantasy creature, humanoid monster, rocky shoreline, overcast sky, claw, hooded, moody, lowkey, atmospheric, orc, katana, black skin, levitation, spellcasting, air, sky, top lit, slightly below, turban, baggy pants, puffy pants, mirror, reflection, keys, lock, gold, silver, gray, brown, one person, transparent background, animal, dinosaur, rider, desert, rocks, raptor, dinosaur rider, desert nomad, riding, saddle, reins, blue sky, day, green eyes, figure drawing, arabian, prince, nobleman, earrings, rogue, red, red theme, sand, ornate, sunlight, fringe trim, floating object, fantasy armor, from the front, pointy ears, scorpion, nomad, nondescript, textured background, mutant, cyborg, wasteland, survivor, machete, tattered clothing, mechanical appendages, organic elements, warm tones, hollow eyes, alien, alien warrior, sickle, archer, battlefield, misty, goggles, quiver, arrows, steampunk, directional lighting, full body portrait, character concept art fantasy steampunk, robot automaton steampunk fantasy character design concept art plague doctor traveler, robot automaton, humanoid robot, priest, glow, robotic priest, sphere, ball, material, texture, 3d, render, matte, shiny, gloss, foil, flesh, caucasian, hard candy, semitranslucent, gummi, translucent, glass, iridescent, pearl, orb, shadow, planet, how to, ext, qrcode, utorial, step by step, tutorial, qr code, chinese text, text focus, 3d rendering, 3d model, game asset, pbr, cardboard, copper, arrow \(symbol\), statue, art, golden statue, female knight, warm, stepbystep, bottle, cork, potion, gamedev, game art, props, object, still life, light, isometric, dated, jar, transparent, orange, gradient, digital lighting, blue background, teeth, transformation, studio background, patina, rust, weathering, slight topdown view, ring, color palette, metallic, color guide, watermark, food focus, education, howto, guide, process, sapphire, jewel, gemstone, sparkle, blue theme, crystal, water, attack, high heels, maid, splashing, copyright name, apron, digital painting, design process, prop, fireball, lava rock, fire, flame, rock, cube, rim light, warm lighting, explosive, fashion illustration, leather, n/a plain white background, rendering, likely studio lighting used for the reference photos, judging by the highlights and shadows on the leather., illustrated female figure, slightly below eye level, offering a clear view of the garment details., leather pants, ass, korean text, tight pants, shiny clothes, cropped legs, tight clothes, tail, stone, magic crystal, icon, purple gemstone, strong women, closed eyes, lips, detective, noir, trench coat, investigator, private eye, necktie, hand in pocket, open clothes, shoes, open coat, suit, formal, smoking, film noir, mystery, smoky, thriller, suspense, investigation, crime, 1940s, 1950s, retro, vintage, classic, fedora, cigarette, lighter, fashion design, magnifying glass, pipe, revolver, smoking pipe, holding smoking pipe, deerstalker, reference sheet, buttons, character name, goggles on headwear, night, street, rain, private investigator, hardboiled, spotlight, vest, waistcoat, anthropomorphic, cat, weasel, sidekick, partners, crossed arms, furry, furry male, cat ears