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Name: 2024 works



Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

Created at: 2024-01-07T00:20:11.208Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:05.387Z

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Tags of content: frieren, himmel, character sheet, 1boy, blue hair, male focus, multiple views, hand on own hip, cloak, smile, white background, standing, boots, uniform, black footwear, full body, simple background, pants, profile, looking at viewer, blue eyes, copyright name, reference sheet, short hair, grey eyes, cape, hooded cloak, side, screenshot, outdoor, sky, anime, flower, beautiful, homeland, daylight, man, side view, mole under eye, mole, solo, subtitled, english text, earrings, jewelry, parted lips, hood, portrait, blue sky, from side, male, head, face, hair, indoors, asian, male model, long hair, jacket, serious, contemplative, studio lighting, closeup, realistic, 1girl, black hair, shirt, closed eyes, grey background, lips, upper body, yellow shirt, collared shirt, green jacket, open clothes, nose, closed mouth, illustration, drawing, character, flower crown, crown, purple, manga, backlighting, close up, hair flower, blue flower, hair ornament, green hair, head wreath, close-up, purple flower, blurry, cartoon, anime boy, serene, bright, fake screenshot, hair between eyes, animation, field, bloom, blossom, spring, sunset, no humans, outdoors, flower field, white flower, petals, scenery, blurry background, depth of field, building, plant, ruin, medieval, cathedral, gothic, wildflower, summer, day, front, tree, arch, red flower, grass, orange flower, yellow flower, sword, white cape, anime aesthetic, pastoral, daylighting, weapon, sitting, white pants, long sleeves, sheath, miku, mountain, swiss alp, house, forest, village, church, nature, landscape, scenic, picturesque, dolomites, italy, aerial view, town, mountainous horizon, road, cloud, female, cross legged, woman, fashion, modern apartment, celebrity, actress, singer, style, blue sofa, bomber jacket, jeans, heels, soft, natural light, hailee steinfeld, eye level, denim, couch, high heels, brown hair, crossed legs, striped clothes, striped shirt, photorealistic, brown eyes, window, sandals, open jacket, blue pants, city, modare, twintail, girl, digital art, fantasy, twintails, floating, dynamic pose, action, detailed, colorful, low angle, very long hair, bodysuit, black bodysuit, holding, thighhighs, gloves, black gloves, aqua hair, flame print, flag, thigh boots, aqua eyes, cropped jacket, white jacket, single thighhigh, holding flag, black thighhighs, floating hair, single thigh boot, absurdly long hair, green gloves, breasts, two-tone gloves, hatsune miku, boat, water, dress, boats, river, eiffel tower, tourist, travel, paris, france, seine river, cruise, landmark, sightseeing, natural, women, wide angle, multiple girls, blue dress, real world location, 3girls, handbag, bag, bench, sleeveless, bare shoulders, from behind, pool, black dress, bridge, green, redum, flower garden, flowers, sunglasses, sunny, 1, green eyes, eyewear on head, white dress, ribbon, hair ribbon, cleavage, tinted eyewear, bow, hand up, cowboy shot, white, chaewon, flash, idol, backstage, concert, performance, kpop, music, entertainment, beauty, artificial, indoor, young woman, eyelevel, ring, sleeveless dress, stairs, medium hair, bird, drawing illustration, hatsune miku vocaloid anime balloons flying happy celebration, bright daytime, aerial bottomup, balloon, skirt, open mouth, black skirt, sleeveless shirt, arms up, pleated skirt, miniskirt, wrist scrunchie, armpits, scrunchie, necktie, zettai ryouiki, :d, wrist cuffs, facing viewer, heart balloon, wuthering waves, sanhua, magic, studio, katana, warrior, fighter, sorceress, pantyhose, hat, grey hair, black headwear, red eyes, navel, midriff, belt, black shirt, crop top, beret, thigh strap, medium breasts, brown pantyhose, sheathed, holding weapon, holding sword, black pantyhose, design, necklace, bright light, mole under mouth, makeup, eyeshadow, fighting, combat, science fiction, grassy field, night, explosions, futuristic technology, futuristic, battle, energy weapons, glowing, dynamic, two female characters, one in futuristic armor, one in tactical gear, wide shot, virtual youtuber, motion blur, poses, dark, spear, dramatic, soldier, staff, holding staff, ahoge, back, tattoo, character design, soft light, backlit, rear view, back focus, alternate costume, hoshimachi suisei, n/a, shadows, round image, hoop earrings, circle, transparent background, sideways glance, cyberpunk, glass, broken glass, action anime, night outdoors, katana warrior blue hair dark fantasy, ambient spot light, arm up, yellow eyes, orange eyes, ice, snow, snowing, video game, clouds, samurai, power, energy, spot light, beads, elbow gloves, white hair, cave, ice spikes, diffused, ambient, cool, legs apart, person, black outfit, accessories, soft lighting, spine, mechanical parts, cable, median furrow, choker, attack, skill, game, rpg, ruins, adventure, thirdperson, shorts, black shorts, pose, creature, rocks, trees, shield, monster, 1 person, fight, snowy, full shot, light, hdr, third person, firing, military vehicle, motor vehicle, tank, military, cloudy sky, gun, letterboxed, official alternate costume, turtleneck, official alternate hairstyle, impact, stage, rock, guitar, black and white, spotlight, musician, guitarist, monochrome, greyscale, artist name, black background, comic, yubisaki no renren, yuki, garden, pink hair, anime girl, wisteria, pink eyes, blush, white shirt, pink flower, still, wisteria flowers, soft colors, 1 boy, hoodie, fake phone screenshot, art, twitter, anime girl with cat ears, floral design, calendar (may), text, garden or forest setting, catgirl, jasmine, calendar, may, sunlight, natural sunlight filtering through leaves, 1 female anime character, closeup on the character's face and upper body, animal ears, hair over one eye, hairclip, braid, bowtie, cat ears, yellow bow, yellow bowtie, animal ear fluff, viewfinder, eyes visible through hair, branch, orange bowtie, x hair ornament, side braid, single braid, frills, blooming, city park, facing away, school uniform, 1 girl, red hair, daytime, looking up, half updo, photo background, emotional, dreamy, anime character, earphones, earbuds, glasses, natural lighting, still life, leaf, romantic, love, couple, confession, date, black pants, hand in pocket, hands in pockets, blue shirt, blossoms, dappled sunlight, itsuomi, home, thoughtful expression, grey shirt, romance, 1 male, 1 female, looking at another, eye contact, hetero, imminent kiss, hug, purple shirt, finger on chin, smiling, index finger raised, lighting, dark room, victorian, mysterious, vintage, mirror, reflection, lantern, fireflies, candles, scarf, gaze, stare, candlelight, warm, logo, candle, orange hair, light particles, dark background, solo focus, jar, fire, fairy, curly hair, puffy long sleeves, grin, puffy sleeves, sidelighting, holding lantern, candlestand, boy, three people, 2girls, full-face blush, pink background, multicolored hair, hands on own face, ear blush, pink shirt, kissing, cup, kiss, drinking glass, hand on another's neck, dark skin, table, city lights, night sky, fireworks, sparkler, celebration, movement, light trails, long exposure, artificial light, short sleeves, shoes, signature, tengu, mask, motion, blur, vibrant, bird boy, furry male, beak, furry, blue background, hair tie, quad tails, white fur, body fur, feathers, wings, hair tubes, winged arms, shoulder pads, two-tone fur, multicolored fur, sketch, 2 women, k-pop, white skirt, bubble, hair bun, hair behind ear, sleeves past wrists, character name, blue jacket, red lips, party, event, glamour, elegant, evening wear, dim, strapless, lipstick, strapless dress, flowers asian kpop idol, photo, nighttime, stylish, handsome, model, rim lighting, cigarette, black jacket, holding cigarette, afro, formal, desk, school desk, socks, classroom, black socks, chair, arm support, curtains, kneehighs, leaning back, school chair, no shoes, grey skirt, on desk, cinematic, war, death, battlefield, sorrow, knight, two soldiers, blood, planted, arrow \(projectile\), armor, polearm, stab, multiple boys, planted sword, impaled, corpse, blood on weapon, helmet, blood on clothes, 2boys, warriors, monsters, ancient, mystical, fantasy art, battle scene, epic, dark fantasy, atmospheric, glowing eyes, robot, muscular, jumping, flying, muscular male, glowing weapon, animal, fur, wolf, blizzard, winter, high contrast, spot lighting, bow \(weapon\), facial hair, teeth, quiver, fur trim, sun, lake, haze, wildfire, smoke, orange, calm, peaceful, hazy, no people, reflective water, moon, fog, character concept art, front view, back view, weapon design, armor design, dark souls, concept art, slight low angle, gauntlets, helm, 1other, ambiguous gender, shoulder armor, brown footwear, scabbard, breastplate, knife, dagger, pauldrons, full armor, vambraces, environment concept art, bamboo forest, bamboo, path, journey, rim light, lily pad, light rays, sunbeam, none, plate armor, cropped legs, covered face, shrine, japanese, spirited away, ghibli, japan, movie location, pilgrimage, one person, straight on, leading lines, stone lantern, border, weibo username, watermark, statue, white border, woods, mist, dark forest, spooky, eerie, enchanted forest, shadowy, low light, bare tree, environment, monster hunter, creepy, group, ambient light, 3 samurai, japanese clothes, rice hat, kimono, looking back, cityscape, debris, moonlight, sword fight, action scene, supernatural powers, glowing effects, electric, swordsman, antagonist, low angle shot, dynamic angle, electricity, lightning, from below, glowing sword, character illustration, calcharo, genshin impact, electro, fantasy character, video game art, frontal, parted bangs, back-to-back, facial mark, man in armor, man in a robe, robe, blue, black, silver, front lighting, 2, clenched hand, indoor / studio, game character, studio light, tassel, magical energy, ruined building, night scene, full moon, mountains, dramatic lighting, magical glow, two, topless male, abs, castle, holding polearm, cosplay, shirtless, stream, flowing water, pectorals, hakama, nipples, toned male, toned, ahriii, fan art, grass field, flowing hair, purple hair, yellow field, action pose, bridal gauntlets, purple kimono, purple eyes, sash, obi, wide sleeves, large breasts, from above, hand in own hair, purple nails, tomoe \(symbol\), obijime, raiden shogun, artwork, verina, withering waves, blonde hair, fingerless gloves, white gloves, black choker, hairband, collarbone, green dress, green hairband, white shorts, collei, dendro, archer, loli, upper teeth only, fanart, bug, butterfly, pointy ears, mushroom, white socks, rainbow, moss, tree stump, man walking through flowers, field of flowers, nature walk, walking, tranquil, solitude, contemplation, pink, dappled light, green bow, fang, gradient hair, tail, hair rings, shorts under dress, fashion lifestyle portrait, garden outdoors, summer dress plants beverage relaxed youthful asian, natural light sunny, high angle, see-through, yokozuwari, underwear, panties, white panties, red footwear, see-through dress, sundress, studio background, ponytail, smirk, earring, fictional character, black hairband, high ponytail, chinese clothes, yinlin, clothing cutout, cleavage cutout, china dress, 1 creature, space, muwabattle, battle rush, thighs, claw \(weapon\), staircase, jacket on shoulders, railing, surreal, snowy landscape, honkai impact 3rd, raiden mei, yae sakura, neon, volumetric lighting, 2 female anime characters, bare legs, legs, mechanical arms, puppet strings, videogame, yae miko, kitsune, side slit, hair stick, claws, sculpture, crystal, miniature, diorama, threepoint lighting, red cape, gradient background, greaves, multiple others, red robe, mountain top, fate/grand order, fate series, mashu kyrielight, fujimaru ritsuka (male), da vinci (fate), holmes (fate), 4 people, worm's eye view, elf, coat, red coat, winter clothes, red jacket, black coat, straight hair, arms behind head, stark (sousou no frieren), character design sheet, one piece, roronoa zoro, zoro, side profile, scar across eye, scar, topknot, one eye closed, scar on face, green coat, scar on chest, pectoral cleavage, green kimono, single earring, white kimono, sideburns, mammal, horse, yak, mount, horns, animal focus, saddle, stone, league of legends, pantheon, video game character, armored, pokemon, reshiram, pokemon black and white, legendary pokemon, dragon type, fire type, flying type, pokemon \(creature\), size difference, riding, riding pokemon, giant, beidou, amber, fischl, 3, red gloves, dragon, mythical, doubleheaded, dragon wings, scales, multiple heads, family portrait, joy, mountain meadow, snowcapped mountains, family, peace, serenity, togetherness, family (father, mother, two children), long beard, white cloak, dwarf, holding hands, 3boys, capelet, white capelet, beard, outstretched arm, child, [sketch, fanart], [forest, water], [anime girl, brown, sunlight], [soft light], [girl], [bird's eye view], barefoot, anniversary, characters, tea party, arknights, mobile game, gacha game, anniversary illustration, 5th anniversary, spring gathering, girls, cake, food, white headwear, teacup, 4girls, cake slice, plate, saucer, rose, fork, hat flower, pink rose, copyright notice, holding saucer, holding fork, feet out of frame, holding cup, blue rose, bush, sun hat, holding plate, frilled dress, fruit, hat bow, frilled sleeves, blue bow, blue ribbon, white rose, puffy short sleeves, see-through sleeves, strawberry, spoon, long dress, twin braids, strawberry shortcake, red rose, teapot, book, hair over shoulder, detached sleeves, white sleeves, hat ribbon, tilted headwear, wavy hair, monument, wizard, digitally lit, slight up angle, giant monster, trainers, stormy, rocky, wasteland, mega rayquaza, storm, backpack, rain, solid background, monkey d. luffy, wano country arc, model sheet, expressions, anime art, manga art, flat, even lighting, luffy (one piece), slight low angle for full body shot, straighton for portraits, straw hat, unworn headwear, unworn hat, hat on back, black eyes, red kimono, ^_^, overgrown, architecture, east asian architecture, butterflies, sunny day, klee, diona, 2 female, white footwear, knee boots, green headwear, pink bow, cross-laced footwear, holding flower, pink bowtie, pink skirt, game cover art, promotional material, open world, elden ring, fromsoftware, playstation, golden hour, rider, over the shoulder, fake horns, horned helmet, photo shoot, mansion, ornate, luxury, editorial, flowing, professional lighting, softbox, upward, mecha, city street, mech, magical girl, star \(sky\), orange neckerchief, interior, gown, photoshoot, low, pink dress, chinese clothing, announcement, frontal view, korean text, [creature, person], [building, stairs], [dragon, magical], [bright, soft], [woman], [low angle], eastern dragon, temple, birds, ethereal, female character, flowing fabric, intricate details, majestic architecture, epic scene, pillar, backless outfit, backless dress, tiara, column, dove, skirt hold, bare back, women in dresses, paintings, dutch angle, veil, powerful, crowd, paparazzi, red carpet, fame, spotlights, flash photography, people, dancing, gathering, ceremony, arrival, courtyard, palace, magical, purple trees, traditional clothing, platform, afternoon, individual, wide, slightly low, bright lighting, own hands together, bracelet, urban, steps, silver hair, light blue hair, falling petals, estate, elegance, 90s, haute couture, mythical creature, fangs, blurry foreground, antlers, architecture crowd festival procession, outdoor sunny temple, celebration gathering grand majestic stairs stage temple traditional, natural bright, many, metallic, corridor, fantasy clothing, serene expression, backlight, warm lighting, sideboob, fur-trimmed cloak, fur-trimmed cape, ive, music video, red velvet, joy (red velvet), fingernails, long fingernails, evening, thoughtful, intense, indoor lighting, suit, mature male, smoking, lighter, moody, lowkey, mouth hold, shadow, dancer, performer, outfit, graceful, white bow, waltz, partnership, grace, two women, yuri, black ribbon, neck ribbon, side ponytail, ribbon choker, pant suit, fujimaru ritsuka (female), 2d, purple aesthetic, dark purple, black bra, thighs up, semitransparent, ghost, stomach, short shorts, single bare shoulder, purple gloves, single glove, off shoulder, meadow, sunset scenery, hair intakes, study, tangerine, citrus, slices, segments, food focus, orange \(fruit\), mandarin orange, clementine, healthy, snack, vitamin c, juicy, fresh, orange slice, twitter username, overhead, apple, anime screenshot, group of characters, ancient ruins, stone pillars, three, young, anime characters, one female, two male, mage staff, red cloak, blue tunic, autumn, serious expression, forest background, white clothing, pale skin, yellow petals, teenager, 2024, my art, blue flowers, flower wreath, ahri, bikini, beach, tropical, ninetailed fox, transparent clothing, bubbles, glowing heart, palm tree, fox tail, wading, fox ears, multiple tails, swimsuit, fox girl, white bikini, kyuubi, heart, ship, sea, ship deck, ocean, cruise ship, vacation, relaxation, natural daylight, wideangle, knees together feet apart, :3, seagull, swim ring, lifebuoy, bare arms, overcast, unsheathing, holding sheath, pink theme, cute, whimsical, warm light, green theme, green choker, bird on hand, glow, samurai vs knight, epic battle, bandages, bandaged leg, torn clothes, contest, world, traveler, flame-tipped tail, surtr, red nails, nail polish, demon horns, detached collar, surtr (arknights), procession, ancient civilization, sunshine, looking up at woman and dragon, axe, fashion design, neutral, chain, high heel boots, smoky, black clothing, sign of affection, young adult, looking down, heartshaped pupils, innocent, shy, red, hood up, boss fight, dimly lit, danger, spotlit, shoe dangle, single shoe, feet, pelvic curtain, colored eyelashes, video game screenshot, idle animation, digital environment, fantasy setting, gacha, highlights on character, fictional female character, white thighhighs, japanese clothing, partially colored, coat on shoulders, traditional media, building exterior, human, clothing, street, back to viewer, cherry blossoms, torii, floral print